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Tyvek Coverall Classic Blue No3 XLarge

Tyvek Coverall Classic Blue No3 XLarge

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Two out of three users choose TYVEK® Classic because it has proven reliable protection for many years.

TYVEK® acts as a barrier against many inorganic chemicals in low concentration and particles larger than 1µm.

It is highly resistant to abrasion and tear and can confront with confidence the harsh environments where protective apparel is worn.

TYVEK® Classic also offers an optimum comfort: it "breathes" as it is permeable to air and water vapor.

It is the perfect balance between barrier effect, durability and comfort!1- 3-piece hood 2- Elasticated facial opening 3- External stitched seams 4- Elasticated waist 5- Elasticated cuffs and ankles 6- Zipper with protective flap made of TYVEK® 7- Additional 3-piece gusset fabric

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