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Gem Fluorescent Magnetic Kit

Gem Fluorescent Magnetic Kit

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This compact kit is designed to fit inside another box, briefcase or in the glove compartment of your control car. The jars of powder in this kit are 30 gram wide-mouth jars for convenient use with the magnetic applicator, the Gem Fluorescent Magnetic powder have the benefit of being dual-use meaning you can use them as a standard black magnetic fingerprint powder, but they also fluoresce like Red and Green when viewed with a laser or Forensic Light Source. It is recommended that latent prints developed with fluorescent powder are photographed before a tape lift attempt.


1 – Black Ruby fluorescent magnetic powder, 30 grams.

1 – Black Emerald fluorescent magnetic powder, 30 grams.

1 – Magnetic brush applicator

1 – Polypropylene kit box, 8 3/8” x 4 1/2" x 1 11/16”