Black Emerald Fluorescent Powder 30g- TFP0132


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Gem Powders are our newest magnetic fluorescent powders. Black Emerald appears to be a simple black magnetic powder. They are applied to evidence and can be lifted just as regular black magnetic powders. However, these Gem powders also fluoresce just as the green fluorescent powders do. You have the choice of using these Gem powders as regular black magnetic powders, but you also have the option of fluorescing them.

Black Emerald Magnetic Powder can be lifted like any standard latent print powder, or used in conjunction with a Forensic Light Source, laser or ultraviolet light as a fluorescent latent print powder.  Black Emerald Magnetic Powder appears  black when dusted on a surface, however, when illuminated, it fluoresces with the same intensity as green fluorescent powder. Black Emerald Magnetic Powder is especially sensitive to long wavelength ultraviolet light, about 365mm with no viewing filter necessary.


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