Forensic Drying Cabinet 100 x 71 x 215cm – FDC0101


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The Forensic Drying Cabinet is used for drying and storing evidence recovered from a crime scene.

The cabinet will ensure containment of fumes, odours and particulates, ensuring a safe working environment for personnel.


  • Efficient and economical
  • Ductless configuration
  • Simple installation with no additional fans or ducting required
  • Cross contamination control
  • Protection of evidence from cross contamination
  • Controlled drying environment
  • Dries various items of evidence in a safe and controlled environment
  • Hazardous fume filtration
  • High protection of personnel from airborne hazards & bacterial pathogens
  • Odour filtration
  • Eliminates odours & chemical fumes using activated carbon filters
  • Flexible storage configuration
  • Three easily removable Polypropylene shelves and a removable hanging rod
  • Easily changed pre-filters
  • No special tools required to change pre-filters
  • Simple drainage connection
  • Waste pump for when drainage is difficult due to location
  • Easily manoeuvred
  • Lockable castor wheels available for situations that require mobility
  • Bench top ‘mini keeper’ design: ideal when floor space is limited


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