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Apron DuPont Tychem® F

Apron DuPont Tychem® F

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Chemical protective apron DuPont Tychem® F

The apron Tychem F protects the body and calf length. The protection against biological agents (according to EN 14126) is particularly good as well as concentrated organic and inorganic chemicals (please observe permeation table) . The apron has an antistatic equipment on the inside.

 Product highlights:

Personal protective equipment (PPE) category III

Type tested and certified

Chemical protective clothing type 3

Coating impermeable to liquids and jet-tight connections as per

EN ISO 17491-4

High barrier function against many organic

and inorganic chemicals (EN 14325)

Protection against biological hazards (EN 14126)

Tags: Mortuary Aprons