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Tetra Scene of Crime International Ltd

1 month 3 weeks ago

Experience the thrill of a crime scene investigation, minus the chaos, with our meticulously crafted resin blood pools, drips, and splatter. Our products are expertly designed to replicate the chilling aesthetics of a genuine crime scene, providing realistic, high-quality visual effects without any actual mess. Ideal for investigative role play, themed events, or stage productions, these resin-made blood artifacts bring

Tetra Scene of Crime International Ltd

2 months 3 weeks ago

C-Gel Calcium Gluconate Gel H-F Antidote gel is used for the treatment of skin burns or scalds caused by Hydrofluoric Acid. The gel prevents the extraction of calcium from the wound reducing burn damage to bone and deep tissue. The immediate application of the gel heals, relieves pain and reduces the risk of hypocalcemia. www.tetrasoc.com