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Alcohol Wipes  70 % Isopropyl

Alcohol Wipes 70 % Isopropyl

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Alcohol Wipes containing 70 % Isopropyl Alcohol (Case of 1000)

These individually wrapped multipurpose wipes are impregnated with 100% isopropyl alcohol (also known as IPA, isopropanol or Propan-2-ol), to clean, prepare or degrease a variety of surfaces.


Each wipe is individually packaged in a sachet measuring 60mm x 80mm containing a single low linting wipe measuring 185mm x 145mm. The wipes are effective in removing dust, dirt, and grease from electronics, print heads and peripherals across a number of applications where fast evaporation is required. They can be used for general surface cleaning and to prepare surfaces prior to bonding adhesive tapes.

Product is labelled in accordance with the Classification Labelling and Packaging Regulation EC (no) 1272/2008. Suitable for industrial use only. May cause drowsiness or dizziness. Avoid breathing vapours. Avoid Eye Contact.

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