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In the January/February 1995 issue of the Journal of Forensic Identification (vol. 45, no. 1), Williams D. Mazzella and Christopher J. Lennard discuss the uses of Basic Red 28 and how it compares to Rhodamine 6G, Basic Yellow 40 and Styryl 7. They concluded that Basic Red 28 has a Stokes Shift three times that of Rhodamine 6G (90 nm versus 30 nm). It can be used alone to dye stain cyanoacrylate-developed prints or can be mixed with a solution of Basic Yellow 40 to provide a wider range (about 145 nm) of fluorescence. Mix 0.2 grams of Basic Red 28 in a solution of propanol, acetonitrile and petroleum ether. Price shown is per 10 grams.


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