BeamZ ICE700 Low Fog Machine


The BeamZ ICE700 is a low fog machine with high power and a compact overall size and a carry handle to allow for easy transport. Using ice cubes and standard smoke fluid, this low lying fog machine is extremely easy to use and creates a dry ice effect.

There are two separate compartments on this ground fog machine that you put ice cubes and smoke fluid into separately. The fluid tank at the rear of the unit is to be filled with standard smoke fluid, while the tray near the front of the machine is where the ice cubes go into. The smoke then passes through the ice cubes, keeping it cold which will allow it to hang closely to the floor.

With a 700W heating element, this low fog machine is extremely powerful for its size. The heating element is thermostatically controlled, meaning it can detect when it is hot enough for use as well as when it is getting too hot. Once the machine reaches a point of being too hot for operation, it will cool down for 30 seconds before you can use it again.

The wired remote control included with this low smoke machine has a 3m length, allowing you to activate it when the machine is not right next to you. There is an LED indicator on the remote that will display as green when the machine is ready to use, and red while it is either heating up or cooling down.

The smoke fluid tank on the rear of this low fog machine has a huge 1.2L capacity, allowing you to use the machine for hours before it needs to be refilled. There is also a fluid level window on the back of the machine so you can see clearly when the liquid is getting low and needs a top-up.

Key Details

Low-lying fog effect that is perfect for weddings, photoshoots and discos
Separate tray and fluid tank for standard smoke fluid and ice cubes
Thermostatically controlled 700W heating element that provides quick heat-up times
Included 3m wired remote control with a hold-to-activate button and LED indicator
Large 1.2L fluid tank capacity to use the machine for several hours before it needs to be refilled


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