Crime Scene Numbers V-Cones


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Crime Scene Numbers V-Cones are unlike any other evidence or traffic cones, effectively marking evidence by day with flags or at night, with reflective circles or chemical light sticks.

Cones in a complete set with highly visible numbers ranging from 1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80 or 81-100. Numbered on all four sides so you can capture all desired photo angles without stopping to reposition the cone.

Notes: Crime Scene Numbers V-Cones

Using crime scene numbers for photography is relevant for several reasons in forensic investigations:


  1. Organization: Crime scene numbers help to organize and catalog the photographic evidence taken at the scene. Each piece of evidence can be associated with a specific number, making it easier to reference and locate later during the investigation or in court proceedings.


  1. Chain of custody: Assigning crime scene numbers to photographs helps establish a clear chain of custody for the evidence. This is important in legal proceedings to demonstrate that the evidence has been handled and preserved properly from the crime scene to the courtroom.


  1. Documentation: Crime scene numbers provide a standardized method for documenting the photographic evidence, ensuring that all relevant aspects of the scene are captured and recorded systematically.


  1. Analysis and reconstruction: Investigators and forensic experts can use the photographs associated with crime scene numbers to analyze and reconstruct the sequence of events, as well as to identify and interpret physical evidence.


  1. Communication: When multiple investigators, forensic experts, or legal professionals are involved in a case, using crime scene numbers for photography helps facilitate clear communication and understanding of the evidence and its context.


Overall, the use of crime scene numbers for photography helps to maintain the integrity and reliability of the photographic evidence, which is crucial in criminal investigations and legal proceedings.


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