Disposable Foam Slippers Medium


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Disposable Foam Slippers Medium Blue   2-5 – ( 34 – 38 )  SOB0108A

Odourless polyurethane with non-slip base, colour coded for easy size identification.

Are made of high quality, light-weight, non-skid foam. Originals come in four colour-coded sizes
and are ideal for short term use.

Disposable Foam Slippers Medium 50 Per Pack.


Practical Temporary Footwear for Suspects in Custody

Disposable foam slippers are a convenient and practical solution for providing temporary footwear to suspects in custody. Individuals in custody without proper footwear can slip on these slippers for comfort and protection.


One of the key benefits is their hygienic nature. Soft and durable foam material makes up these slippers, allowing for easy disposal after use and reducing the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of germs. This feature is particularly important in environments like police stations or detention centers, where multiple individuals may be detained or processed..


In addition to their hygienic properties, disposable foam slippers are also cost-effective and easy to distribute. Law enforcement agencies and detention facilities can stock up on these slippers in bulk, ensuring that they are readily available whenever needed. Their simple slip-on design makes them quick and easy to put on, saving time for both detainees and officers.


Keep in mind that disposable foam slippers are not only suitable for temporary footwear but also serve as temporary clothing in certain situations.. In fact, for individuals who are brought into custody without proper attire, these slippers can provide a basic level of comfort and dignity while their situation is being addressed. It’s a small but important way to make a difficult situation a little more bearable.


Furthermore, they help to prevent slips and falls in detention facilities by providing individuals with a non-slip sole for traction on smooth surfaces. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, promoting a safer environment for both detainees and staff.


In conclusion

Disposable foam slippers are a practical and efficient solution for providing temporary footwear to suspects in custody. With their hygienic properties, cost-effectiveness, ease of use, versatility, and safety benefits, these slippers offer a simple yet effective way to address the basic needs of individuals in temporary detainment situations



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