EEZITabs Fingerprint Tape



EEZITabs Fingerprint Tape are individual pre-cut fingerprint lifting sheets supplied on perforated backing sheets for ease.

Each Eezie Tab measures 140 x 50mm this includes a 15mm printed strip to hold, which will prevent your own print from appearing on the lift.

Ultra clarity and distortion-free, Eezie tabs are also used for fibre lifting and one-to-one evidence recovery.

A TETRA R&D Products


By using both lifting tape and photographic evidence, investigators can enhance the thoroughness and accuracy of the fingerprint recovery process. Lifting tape allows for the direct preservation and recovery of physical prints, while photographs provide a broader context and visual documentation of the crime scene and the specific location of the prints. Combining these methods can improve the overall quality and integrity of fingerprint evidence in forensic investigations.


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