Evidence Packaging Kit for Crime Scenes – EVK0100


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Evidence Packaging Kit
Our evidence packaging kits come complete with a wide range of equipment for most crime scenes.

1 Health Hazard Warning Adhesive Tape
5 Telescopic Weapon Tubes 45-299 mm
2 Telescopic Weapon Tubes 80 – 350mm
20 Window Evidence Sacks TWS0101
10 Window Evidence Sacks TWS0102
1 Evidence Do Not Open Adhesive Tape
20 Small Tamper Evidence Bags
20 Medium Tamper Evidence Bags
10 Large Tamper Evidence Bags
5 Extra-Large Tamper Evidence Bags
2 Arson Collection Tins 125ml
1 Crime Scene Barrier Tape
2 Black Ball Point Pens
1 Permanent Marker
3 Exhibit Boxes Window
2 Small Exhibit Boxes
1 Large Exhibit Boxes
50 Tamper Seals
50 Exhibit Tags


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