Fingerprint Brush-Synthetic Squirrel-FF


The professional brush range has the longest handle of all, yet has a good balance so anyone can hold it and use it effectively and comfortably.
Pure squirrel hair square top, aluminum ferrele on 6 inch handle, visible hair length 2.5 inch

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Fingerprint Brush-Synthetic Squirrel-FF

Many technicians prefer the balance and “feel” of this long-handle brush.
The professional brush range has the longest handle of all, yet has a good balance so anyone can hold it and use it effectively and comfortably.
Pure squirrel hair square top, aluminium ferrele on 6-inch handle, visible hair length 2.5 inch.

Instead of using a Zephyr of Tetra washable brush for dusting, some technicians prefer a squirrel or synthetic squirrel brush.
Our Synthetic Squirrel Hair fingerprint brush is an excellent alternative to a Squirrel brush, our synthetic material performs as well as conventional brushes.
Soft hair and synthetic hair can reduce fingerprint ridge and poroscopy detail.
If you require a bespoke product, manufacturing is not a problem, just contact us with your requirements.


Switching from a pure squirrel hair fingerprint brush to a synthetic hair brush that does not compromise the quality of the latent fingerprint and offers several significant benefits. Forensic investigators have widely used traditional squirrel hair brushes for their delicate touch and ability to lift latent prints effectively. However, advances in synthetic hair technology now provide an alternative that maintains high-quality results without the ethical concerns associated with animal-derived products.


One key advantage of transitioning to synthetic hair brushes is the ethical and environmental considerations. Squirrel hair brushes are made from animal fur, and the harvesting of such materials raises ethical questions related to animal welfare. By opting for synthetic hair brushes, forensic professionals can align their practices with modern ethical standards and contribute to the reduction of animal exploitation.


Moreover, synthetic hair brushes offer consistent quality and durability. Unlike natural hair brushes, which can vary in quality and texture depending on the individual animal and the processing methods, synthetic brushes are manufactured to meet specific standards, ensuring uniformity in performance. This consistency can lead to more reliable and reproducible results in latent fingerprint lifting, reducing the variability that may occur with natural hair brushes.


Additionally, synthetic hair brushes are often more cost-effective than their natural counterparts. The production of synthetic hair brushes is not reliant on the availability and variability of animal fur, leading to more stable pricing and potentially lower costs. This can be advantageous for forensic departments and organisations working within budget constraints, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently.


In conclusion

the transition from pure squirrel hair fingerprint brushes to high-quality synthetic hair brushes represents a significant step forward for forensic investigations. By embracing synthetic alternatives, forensic professionals can uphold ethical principles, benefit from consistent quality and durability, and potentially reduce costs—all while maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of latent fingerprint lifting processes.





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