Fingerprint Brush-Washable Synthetic Jumbo


The Original Washable Tetra synthetic fibre fingerprint brush is manufactured with special polyester tapered tips.

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Fingerprint Brush-Washable Synthetic Jumbo

The manufacturers of the Tetra washable brush have crafted it using tapered polyester fibers that actively make contact with the latent print only through their tips.

This is a Tetra R&D Product and The Home Office recommends it.


The Tetra Washable Fingerprint Brush represents a significant advancement in forensic tools, offering several advantages over conventional Zephyr-style fingerprint brushes. The Tetra Washable Brush’s innovative design and superior durability make it the ideal choice for law enforcement and forensic professionals seeking to optimise fingerprint collection and processing.


Compared to the traditional Zephyr-style brush, the Tetra Washable Fingerprint Brush offers several key benefits. Firstly, the Tetra brush is designed to be washable, allowing for easy and thorough cleaning after each use. This feature is particularly advantageous as it helps prevent cross-contamination between different crime scenes or evidence samples, ensuring the integrity of forensic evidence and preserving the chain of custody. In contrast, Zephyr-style brushes are not washable, and residual powder or debris may remain on the bristles, posing a potential risk of contamination in subsequent uses.


The extended lifespan of this brush not only reduces the frequency of brush replacement but also contributes to cost savings for forensic units and law enforcement agencies. The durable construction of the Tetra brush ensures consistent performance over a longer period, making it a more sustainable and cost-effective choice for fingerprint processing.


In addition to its washable and long-lasting properties, the Tetra Washable Fingerprint Brush delivers superior performance in collecting and developing latent fingerprints. The brush’s specialised bristles are designed to efficiently apply fingerprint powder, resulting in high-quality prints with excellent contrast and detail. This precision and effectiveness are essential for forensic investigations, where accurate fingerprint analysis can play a pivotal role in solving criminal cases.

In conclusion

The Tetra Washable Fingerprint Brush offers unparalleled advantages over conventional Zephyr-style brushes, including washability, exceptional durability, and superior performance. Its innovative design and longevity make it the ideal choice for forensic professionals seeking reliable and cost-effective tools for fingerprint collection and processing, ultimately contributing to more effective and accurate forensic investigations.


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