Fingerprint Development Chamber – FNC0100

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The Fingerprint Development Chamber was developed specifically to meet the requirements of the UK Home Office Fingerprint Research Group.

It is available as a bench top chamber or a larger floor standing model, within which a wide range of size and shape samples can be processed.

Effective improvements over traditional methods of latent fingerprint detection on porous materials are achieved by optimising and accurately controlling the conditions under which exhibits are developed.

The precisely controlled conditions of high temperature combined with high relative humidity (80°C 7 65% RH) accelerates the Ninhydrin process yielding excellent clarity in just three minutes, compared to, at best, 10 minutes and often much longer using more traditional methods. Fingerprints can now be detected with greater speed and higher throughput with astonishing clarity.

The DFO (1.8 diasafluren-9-one) process can also be optimised by selected the DFO process cycle, +100°C no humidity, making this chamber very versatile and reliable.

The use of both DFO and Ninhydrin is recognised as them most effective way of defecting prints on paper and similar porous surfaces but other processing methods requiring controlled humidity & temperature can also be used.

The chamber features a rapid recovery capacity to the optimum development condition. After the chamber door is opened and closed (essential for rapid throughput of material)

The multi-glazed observation window and strip light allows clear visual inspection of the developing images.


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