Fingerprint & Palmprint Pad


These semi-inkless fingerprint pads will be useful in any situation where a sharp black fingerprint is required.


Fingerprint & Palmprint Pad

These Ceramic low ink fingerprint & palmprint pads will be useful in any situation where a sharp black fingerprint is required.

Each pad is 101 mm x 130 mm and has a hinged lid

Unlike true inkless products, this pad does not require specially treated paper and will work on any paper


These ink pads are specifically designed to provide exceptional clarity and brilliance when transferring palm prints onto paper, allowing fingerprint officers to analyze and match an individual’s unique characteristics with precision and accuracy.

One of the key features of palm print ink pads is their ability to produce high-quality impressions of palm prints. The ink used in these pads is formulated to ensure even coverage and consistent transfer of the palm print onto paper, resulting in sharp and detailed impressions. This clarity is crucial for fingerprint officers to accurately examine the minutiae and ridge patterns present in the palm print, which are essential for identification and comparison purposes.

The vividness and contrast provided by these ink pads enhance the visibility of the ridge characteristics, enabling fingerprint officers to distinguish between different prints and identify unique features that can be used for comparison and matching. This exceptional brilliance helps streamline the fingerprint analysis process and facilitates the accurate identification of individuals based on their palm prints.


By utilizing palm print ink pads that offer exceptional clarity and brilliance, fingerprint officers can effectively compare and match palm prints to identify suspects, link individuals to crime scenes, and provide valuable evidence in criminal investigations. These high-quality ink pads play a crucial role in forensic science by enabling accurate and reliable fingerprint analysis, ultimately contributing to the successful resolution of criminal cases and the administration of justice.


In conclusion, palm print ink pads that provide exceptional clarity and brilliance are indispensable tools for fingerprint officers in forensic investigations. Their ability to capture detailed and vivid palm print impressions allows for precise analysis, comparison, and matching of individual characteristics, making them essential components of the forensic toolkit for identifying and apprehending perpetrators of crimes.



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