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Forensic Stepping Plates FSP0100AA used for the prevention of contamination and evidence damage during crime scene investigations.

You do not require any specialised anti-slip shoe or shoe covers to prevent slippage. Each stepping plate can be easily decontaminated using DNA decontamination cleaner.

More than one person can walk on the forensics plates without cracking or breaking.

Dimensions: 200mm x 200mm 


Crime scene investigators use stepping plates to preserve the integrity of evidence and prevent contamination. These plates, made of lightweight and durable materials like plastic or aluminium, strategically place at entry points to crime scenes. They minimise the risk of damage and contamination to evidence.

One of the primary reasons for using stepping plates is to minimize the potential for evidence contamination. By providing designated pathways for investigators and other personnel to walk on, stepping plates help prevent the transfer of extraneous materials, such as dirt, mud, or biological substances, from footwear to the crime scene.


Moreover, stepping plates play a crucial role in preventing damage to delicate evidence. Crime scenes can contain a wide variety of sensitive materials, including impression evidence, blood spatter, and fragile objects. By providing a clean and stable surface for personnel to walk on, stepping plates reduce the risk of inadvertently disturbing or destroying evidence through foot traffic. This is particularly important in outdoor crime scenes, where environmental factors such as rain, wind, or soil compaction can exacerbate the potential for damage.


Additionally, the use of stepping plates helps to establish a clear boundary between the controlled crime scene and surrounding areas, aiding in the documentation and preservation of evidence. By delineating specific pathways for movement within the crime scene, investigators can minimize the risk of unintentional cross-contamination from adjacent areas and clearly define the boundaries of the evidence collection area.


In conclusion, crime scene forensics stepping plates are essential for maintaining the integrity of evidence and preventing contamination at crime scenes. Their use significantly reduces the risk of evidence damage and cross-contamination, ensuring that forensic investigations can proceed with accuracy and reliability, ultimately contributing to the successful resolution of criminal cases.


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