MINIfume portable superglue fingerprint development cabinet


MINIfume portable superglue fingerprint development cabinet

The mobile cyanoacrylate fuming chamber for the development of fingerprints on non-porous surfaces

Cyanoacrylate (superglue) fuming is a method for developing fingerprints on non-porous surfaces, such as metal, glass, and plastics. Our MINIfume series has been developed specifically for those who need all the high quality and reliability of a laboratory fuming chamber in a mobile unit suitable for use right at a crime scene or office.

In addition to our MOBIfume series, intended for larger spaces, we also offer MINIfume, designed to quickly and reliably develop small quantities of evidence on the go. When the evidence can’t be brought to the laboratory, MINIfume lets you bring the laboratory to your evidence.

MINIfume has the convenient features of the larger MEGAfume models, complete with pre-programmed and customizable evidence development cycles, active filter and cycle monitoring via a multilingual colour touch-panel display, and an easy to clean interior.

Smaller object like knives, handguns, and bottles can all easily be fumed in the chamber. Just like with our larger MEGAfume models, chamber air is cleaned by an activated carbon filter and all cycle parameters can be recorded and viewed with our datalogger feature


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