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This is an aerosol version of our Ninhydrin Pump Spray, it will not run inks and contains no CFCs or acetic acids, simply spray NIN-Print on the evidence you wish to process and allow it to air dry in a fume hood or under controlled conditions. Latent prints may take a few days to fully develop, but prints may begin to appear after a few hours. All Ninhydrin solutions should be used with proper respiratory protection or in a fume hood. Ninhydrin is one of the best processes available to develop latent prints on paper evidence, such as bad cheques, hold-up notes and threatening letters. To avoid the use of aerosol sprays which may not saturate the paper as well, here is an alternative. This formulation of Ninhydrin will not run most inks, with this bottle you have the option of unscrewing the lid, pouring the solution into a tray and dipping paper evidence for maximum saturation and superior development of latent prints. This solution is hazardous and must be sprayed in a fume hood and stored inside a flammable liquids cabinet.


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