Photographic Scales L Shape


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Photographic Scales L Shape

The Footprint Scale Set contains an L-shaped scale which is 30cm on the long arm and 15cm on the short arm, and a second straight scale which is 15cm long.

One side of each scale in the set is white with black printing and the other side is black with white printing.

The L-shaped scale is rigid and is not hinged like some of our other scales

Footprint Scale L Set (Centimetres) – TBS0122A


Photographic scales, labels, and rulers are essential tools used in documenting and analyzing crime scenes and forensic evidence in laboratories. These tools play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and integrity of photographic evidence, aiding in the investigation and legal proceedings that follow.

Photographic scales, often referred to as measurement scales or reference scales, are regularly used in crime scene photography to provide a standard reference for size and distance measurements within an image. These scales typically consist of a series of black and white or color-coded blocks or markings of known dimensions, which are placed in close proximity to the evidence being photographed. By including the scale in the photographs, forensic investigators and analysts can accurately determine the size and proportions of objects within the images, aiding in the reconstruction and interpretation of the crime scene.

Labels are used to provide essential information about the photographed evidence, such as its location, date and time of collection, case number, and a brief description. Proper labeling is critical for maintaining the chain of custody and ensuring that the evidence can be accurately tracked and associated with the corresponding case file throughout the investigation and legal process.

Rulers, often with both metric and imperial markings, are used to measure the size and dimensions of physical evidence in the crime scene and forensic laboratory. These rulers provide a standardized reference for documenting the length, width, and height of items, as well as the distances between objects within the scene. Additionally, specialized forensic rulers with contrast patterns or colors are used to enhance visibility and accuracy when photographing items with varying surface textures and colors.

In conclusion, photographic scales, labels, and rulers are indispensable tools in the field of forensic science and crime scene investigation. Proper utilization of these tools ensures that photographic evidence is accurately documented, providing crucial information for investigators, analysts, and legal professionals as they work to uncover the truth in criminal cases.



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