Pop Up PVC Shelters


This Body Tent has a Speed tent design meaning it can be rapidly erected on the ground in seconds! Made from waterproof PVC Our PVC Pop Up Shelters for Emergency services are easy and quick to erect, offering shelter to members of the public in shopping centres and malls. The Heavy-duty Waterproof PVC material (500gms) is coated on both sides with full solid colour side panels and is non-silhouetting. The top of the walls and roof section are translucent, allowing natural light into the tent, whilst shielding from prying eyes. Ideal as a movable treatment shelter.

Available door options – 2 zip door front door, or 1 zip front door and short rear zip. Optional 2 zip quadrant rear door is also available at additional cost.

Storage bag, guy straps and tent pegs included!

Standard specifications:
– 500gms PVC reinforced FR material – PVC coated both sides of the material
– 100% waterproof seams
– Translucent PVC roof – NATURAL light ingress
– 2off Red Cross logos
– Robust die-cast central joints – Rubber-protected to prevent operator finger pinching – Unique Sheerspeed design- Rubber-protected feet – extended product life
– Non-conductive Fibreglass framework
– 2 off front zips
– Front pole supports – Telescopic (SIZES 2.5M UPWARDS)
– Wet storage properties
– 3off Guy lines & Tent pegs
– Heavy-duty carry bag
– All spares available and tent repairs
– No Loose components Integral Frame & Cover design


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