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Crime laboratories are so busy that drug tests take too long, with the cooperation of the Prosecuting Attorney, many police agencies have turned to presumptive drug testing.

If the results indicate that on illegal substance is present, criminal charges may be filed.

The NIK pouches contain one, two or three chemical ampoules in a heavy duty plastic pouch.

This eliminates the need for measuring, mixing. and dispensing of reagents, just place a small sample of the suspected drug in the pouch, break the ampoules and watch for the colour change. A positive colour indicator on the pouch will help to interpret the reaction.

Reagent shelf life is indefinite. Prolonged exposure to strong sunlight or heat should be avoided.

10 per pack.

Please note: due to the goods coming from USA based supplier, there can be an over 28 day lead time if item is not in stock. Call office for update lead times


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