TT Trooper Back Plate IIR SKU 7070.332



Extension for the TT Chest Rig: The pouch for the back armor plate and additional equipment (MOLLE compatible) can be fixed easily with the TT Chest Rig (TT Chest Rig not included in delivery). Both the European CORDURA® materials as well as web-bing, hook-and-loop fasteners and buckles meet the high German Bundeswehr standards TL 8305-0278 and TL 8305-0281 with regard to the IRR camouflage effect (IRR 650 – 1250nm / 10 – 42%).

Material according to TL 8305-0278
MOLLE system
Adaptable suspension system for TT Chest Rig MK II to take additional body armour plate (25 x 30 cm)
Shoulder straps incl. pads of min. 25 cm to max. 60 cm adjustable
Lateral straps adjustable in length, at chest height up to max. 35 cm, in the waist up to max. 41 cm
Measurements: Unisex
Weight:500 g
Fabric 1:CORDURA® 700 den IRR
Size run: Unisex

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