Adhesive Photographic Scales 20mm



Adhesive Photographic Scales 20mm rolls of 150

Self-adhesive photography scales play a crucial role in the documentation of crime scenes and laboratory evidence. These small, specially designed scales are equipped with adhesive backing, allowing them to be easily placed next to items of interest for accurate measurement and scale reference in photographs. Their use in forensic investigations is essential for creating a visual record that can be used in court proceedings and analysis.

In crime scene investigations, self-adhesive scales are used to provide a reference for the size of objects, bloodstains, footprints, and other important evidence. By including these scales in photographs, forensic investigators can accurately determine the dimensions of objects and their spatial relationships within the scene. This information is vital for reconstructing the sequence of events and establishing the facts of the case.

Similarly, in laboratory settings, self-adhesive scales are used to document evidence such as trace materials, biological samples, and tool marks. By photographing these items with a scale included, forensic scientists can accurately record the size and shape of microscopic evidence, ensuring that their findings are precise and reproducible.

The adhesive backing on these scales makes them easy to apply and reposition as needed during the documentation process. This versatility allows investigators and scientists to capture multiple angles and views of the evidence without disrupting the scene or compromising the integrity of the items being photographed.

Overall, self-adhesive photography scales are indispensable tools in the field of forensic science. Their ability to provide accurate scale reference in photographs ensures that evidence is documented thoroughly and accurately, ultimately aiding in the pursuit of justice and the resolution of criminal cases.



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