Adhesive Shoeprint Lifters


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Adhesive Shoeprint Lifters

Tetra’s Original Special Foot Lifters Clear – TFL0100

Self-adhesive vinyl sheet with 10mm pre-cut edges to help realign the backing sheet.

A Tetra R&D Product.

Dimensions: 7″ x 14″
250 Per Pack


The recovery and collection of shoe and footwear evidence from a crime scene is a critical aspect of forensic investigations.

as it can provide valuable information about the individuals present at the scene and help link suspects to the crime.

Forensic experts use various techniques to recover shoe and footwear evidence.

Starting with documenting the scene through photography and sketches to capture the location and condition of the evidence.

Forensic experts carefully search the area for any shoe impressions, footwear marks, or discarded shoes that suspects may have left behind.

To preserve the three-dimensional features of shoe prints, you can cast them in dental stone or silicone. Use adhesive lifters to lift prints from smooth surfaces, and electrostatic dust print lifters to capture prints on dusty or textured surfaces.


Proper packaging and preservation of shoe and footwear evidence are crucial to prevent contamination and ensure chain of custody. Each item of evidence should be carefully labeled, sealed in a clean container, and stored in a secure location to maintain its integrity for analysis and comparison.

To analyse footwear evidence, it is essential to compare the recovered impressions to known samples. These known samples may include shoes belonging to suspects or victims.. This comparison can help identify potential matches and provide valuable leads in the investigation.


The recovery and collection of shoe and footwear evidence subsequently play a vital role in forensic investigations by providing valuable information about individuals present and at the crime scene, therefore by following proper procedures for documentation, collection and preservation, forensic experts can effectively analyse evidence to support criminal investigations.

As a result, they are able to bring perpetrators to justice using their expertise in crime scene investigation and forensic science. Moreover, such procedures help ensure that the evidence is admissible in court and can withstand rigorous scrutiny.


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