Ballistic Gelatin Full Swat Block





Our 20% Ballistic Gelatin Full Swat Block is perfect for terminal ballistics testing for all handguns. The Full Swat Block meets NATO ballistics testing protocol 100%, and completely simulates the testing performed by the NATO. This block is our largest block ever! This size give you 144 square inches of surface area to hit. This block is two and times wider and 3 inches tall than our standard Ballistic Gelatin NATO Block. This block was solely designed for law enforcement agencies use for terminal ballistics testing and data. The weight of this block is nearly 86 lbs making it very stable to shoot rapidly without any target movement. Ballistic Gelatin Full Swat Block can be used by hunters, hobbyist, semi-professional, and professional shooters, all types of law enforcement agencies, and the average layperson.


Clear Ballistics ballistic gelatin is a modern day ballistic gelatin, is 100% synthetic, and contains no organic materials. It has taken the place of conventional ballistic gelatin, which is 100% organic, and completely temperature unstable. It is 100% clear as glass, odorless, reusable, temperatures stable (temperatures up to 240F), and mimics human tissue 100%. It is non-toxic. Our ballistic gelatin is mold able into any shape. Our ballistic gelatin does not mold or rot. Our ballistic gelatin does not require special storage. Our entire ballistic gelatin process is batch controlled. Clear Ballistics does calibration on the gelatin with each batch, and we following the NATO protocol for ballistics testing developed for ballistic testing of human tissue.


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