Ballistic Gelatin Torso




Our 20% Ballistic Joe Fit is the next generation of ballistic testing dummies. Joe Fit is the first-ever commercially available ballistic testing dummy that is reusable. Joe Fit is made of our industry leading synthetic ballistic gelatin and meets the NATO protocol for calibrating ballistic gelatin to match human tissue. The design of Joe Fit matches an athletic male in great physical condition.

Joe Fit is perfect for all types of testing with any ammunition, weapons, personal armor, shields, or any other protection equipment. Joe Fit will also allow you to test all types of shrapnel penetrations. This torso will give you the insight to ballistic data that you could never achieve from standard ballistic gelatin due to its physical limitations. Not only will you be able to gain standard terminal ballistics data, you can now get penetrating and non-penetrating ballistic data from the same device at the same time. After preforming all your tests, you can take Joe Fit back to the lab and really analyze all of his wounds, which is impossible with traditional gelatin. Joe Fit is three dimensional on the front and both sides, and his back is completely flat. Joe Fit sits vertical or lies horizontal for all types of testing. Joe Fit measures from top to bottom 20 inches in height, 9 inches front to back, and his shoulders are the widest part of his body measuring 18 inches wide from the outer most edges. He has a rectangular base near his hips that measures 9 inches from front to back by 4 inches in height by 11 inches in from hip to hip. He weighs 60 pounds. Joe’s sides contour to the familiar V-shape of an athlete. Joe’s arms are just long enough to provide as placeholders for all types of tactical vest but not too long to be cumbersome to get equipment on and off quickly. Joe’s neck is two inches in height to help anchor all equipment at the top.


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