Barrier-Tape Sheriffs-Line Do-Not-Cross USA-TBS0105


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 Barrier-Tape Sheriffs-Line Do-Not-Cross USA-TBS0105

Polythene barrier tapes are used worldwide for marking and sealing areas of caution.

Supplied in a range of colours and text, whether you are a Police department, or working in hazardous areas, we have a tape just for you.

 3 inch x 1000mtr.


Polythene barrier tape, also referred to as barricade tape, plays a significant role in visually demarcating safe and warning areas at crime scenes and major incidents.

This brightly coloured tape serves as a temporary boundary to cordon off specific zones, direct traffic, and convey important messages to first responders, investigators, and the general public.

During crime scene investigations, investigators use polythene barrier tape to maintain the integrity of the area by preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding crucial evidence.

The vivid colors of polythene barrier tape, such as bright yellow, red, or orange, are highly visible and serve as visual indicators for various hazards or restrictions. For instance, yellow tape may signify restricted areas where investigators are actively working, while red tape could indicate zones with potential danger or biohazards. This color-coded system aids first responders and investigators in swiftly identifying the nature of the area and taking appropriate precautions.

Polythene barrier tape not only marks safe and warning areas but it can also manage traffic flow around the site of a major incident, like a fire or accident. By creating a visible barrier using the tape, emergency responders can control access to the location, prevent onlookers from interfering with rescue operations, and ensure the safety of responders and bystanders.

Customising polythene barrier tape with printed messages, warning signs, or logos can help convey specific information or instructions to people approaching a particular area. Quick and effective communication of critical information such as evacuation instructions, hazardous materials alerts, contact details for emergency services, or any other pertinent information is possible through these messages.

In conclusion

Polythene barrier tape is a versatile solution for visually identifying safe and warning areas at crime scenes and major incidents. Its high visibility, color-coded system, and customizable features make it an effective tool for managing and securing critical locations during emergencies.


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