Breakaway Evidence/Security Sealing Tape – TSL0133


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Breakaway Evidence/ Security Sealing Tape is a special tamper-indicating tape complete in a dispenser box.

The material is an acetate base which causes this tape to be fragile when placed on a package, bag or box.

Attempts to remove this serrated-edged tape will cause it to shred. A white stripe allows you to easily write on it. This is the best tape for showing signs of tampering.

Use caution when putting it on certain types of evidence, such as vehicles.

It does not come off easily and will probably damage any surface you put it on. Therefore, only put it on a vehicle if you are aware that it will damage the painted surfaces when you are trying to remove it.

Have your department’s policy set as to liability issues before putting this tape directly on expensive items.

35 mm x 33 metre


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