Fingerprint Brush-Squirrel Hair 08


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Fingerprint Brush-Squirrel Hair 08

Instead of using a Zephyr of Tetra washable brush for dusting, some technicians prefer a squirrel or synthetic squirrel brush.

If you require a bespoke product, manufacturing is not a problem, just contact us with your requirements.


Forensic experts widely prefer using squirrel hair brushes over fibreglass materials due to their gentle and precise nature, which minimizes the risk of distorting sweat pores.

Unlike fibreglass, squirrel hair brushes offer a soft and delicate touch, making them ideal for handling sensitive forensic evidence without causing damage or distortion.

The fine texture and exceptional softness of squirrel hair brushes enable them to delicately apply fingerprint powder without leaving minute scratches on surfaces. In contrast, fibreglass materials, while durable, can be abrasive and may inadvertently create microscopic scratches when used for fingerprinting. These minute scratches have the potential to distort sweat pores and other crucial details, compromising the accuracy and reliability of the fingerprint evidence.

Moreover, squirrel hair brushes excel in their ability to distribute fingerprint powder evenly and precisely without causing unintended damage. This controlled application is essential for revealing clear and accurate fingerprint patterns while preserving the integrity of the evidence. Fibreglass materials, on the other hand, may lack the finesse and precision required for delicate forensic work, increasing the likelihood of inadvertently altering the minutiae of fingerprints.

Squirrel hair brushes actively minimize cross-contamination and ensure the integrity of evidence during the fingerprinting process. In contrast, fibreglass materials, due to their abrasive nature, may pose a higher risk of unintentional contamination and alteration of the evidence, potentially compromising the forensic investigation.


In conclusion, Fingerprint Brush-Squirrel Hair 08 offer a level of delicacy and precision that is unmatched by fibreglass materials and is ideal for handling sensitive forensic evidence without causing damage or distortion.




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