FWR Faraday Bag Medium


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FWR Faraday Bag Medium Vers 2.0 5G No Velcro 24x40cm

This FWR Faraday Bag Medium has been further developed with the specific needs of law enforcement agencies, army and intelligence specialists and digital forensic experts in mind to assist them in the seizure, transportation and analysis of mobile devices.

With our completely new magnetic closures!

With a Velcro fastener, we have eliminated the risk of IT forensic scientists wearing damaged gloves and contaminating the devices.


Signal-blocking bags, also known as Faraday bags or RFID-blocking bags, actively protect electronic devices from electromagnetic interference and unauthorized access.

These bags utilise the principles of a Faraday cage, a structure that blocks electromagnetic fields.

A durable and conductive material typically makes the bags that effectively shield the enclosed devices from external electromagnetic radiation.

Michael Faraday discovered the principle behind Faraday bags in the 19th century, known as the Faraday cage effect.

Faraday bags cancel out incoming electromagnetic waves by creating an electrostatic field through the conductive material of the bag.

This bag actively blocks signals from cellular networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS, thus preventing any attempts to hack or remotely access the devices inside.

People often use Faraday bags to protect their sensitive electronic devices actively.

Security solutions can prevent unauthorised data access, protect against hacking and tracking, and guard against RFID skimming.

These bags are particularly useful in situations where individuals need to secure their devices from potential cyber threats, surveillance, or data theft. For example, they are popular among security-conscious individuals, law enforcement agencies, military personnel, and corporate professionals who handle sensitive information.

In conclusion, Faraday bags work by leveraging the Faraday cage effect to shield electronic devices from external electromagnetic interference and unauthorized access. By effectively blocking signals, these bags provide a practical and reliable solution for safeguarding sensitive information and preventing unauthorized communication with the enclosed devices.


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