K9 LED Rechargeable Scene Flood Light TSE0175




The K9 30 LED Portable scene flood light is a robust, reliable, rechargeable LED light which can be used in a wide variety of applications including construction, emergency services, on the rail networks and virtually anywhere where portable battery powered lighting is required. It can be used as a directional area floodlight, long distance spotlight, site work light or torch.

The K9 30 LED Rechargeable scene flood light is quick to set up and use in any of the 3 modes, as a torch, a work -light or an area floodlight. It has inbuilt stability legs to enable the light head to raised to 1.8M using the quick-lock fibreglass poles stored in the base of the K9 unit. The K9 has a number of brightness settings and functions and inbuilt beam angle adjustment between flood and spot beams for different lighting requirements.

Key features and Benefits of the K9 30 LED Portable Worklight


    • Offers both flood and spot beam angles and anything in between making it ideal for all applications.
    • Can be used as a handheld work light or torch or extended up to a 1.8m area floodlight for a wider lit working area.
    • A unique K9 light management system ensures all light is targeted towards areas required, working at maximum battery efficiency.
    • The K9 is robust, ruggedized and designed to deal with the rigours of a harsh work environment.
    • The K9 is compact to store and transport.
    • The inbuilt battery pack is designed to run the K9 work light at 100% for an average 8 hour shift on one charge ensuring light levels can be maintained throughout a shift when working at a distance from a power source.
    • The  K9 scene flood light can be supplied with multiple charger options for convenient charging.
    • The K9 is designed to be as save as possible with accidental overload protection inbuilt.
    • A heavy duty full retracting spiral extension cable enables the K9 to be extended from worklight mode to 1.8M area floodlight without any additional equipment required.
    • A lightweight lithium battery option is also available for increased portability.


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