Metra GP Coverall Large


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Metra GP Coverall Large

Metra GP uses a lightweight 4-layer SMMS (“Spunbond-Meltblown-Meltblown-Spunbond) PP fabric which combines good breathability (10 times greater than other Type 5 & 6 materials) with effective liquid repellency and particle filtration, making it the most comfortable option for light liquid aerosol and dust protection. Coverall with elastic hood, cuffs, waist and ankles. Double-sided sealable tape on zip cover Lakeland‘s unique Super-B style featuring a 3-piece hood, inset sleeves and crotch gusset for better fit, superior freedom of movement, comfort and durability. EN Type 6 light aerosol spray and Type 5 dry particle protection. Certified to EN 1149-5 for static dissipative clothing.

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At crime scenes, forensic investigators wear disposable coveralls to actively prevent cross-contamination and protect both themselves and the integrity of the evidence.

Coveralls are purposely designed to be worn only once and then actively discarded, thus reducing the risk of transferring contaminants from one scene to another.


At crime scenes, investigators encounter a variety of hazardous materials such as blood, bodily fluids, chemicals, and other potential biohazards. Disposable coveralls provide a barrier between the wearer and these substances, minimizing the risk of exposure to harmful pathogens or chemicals, typically made of non-woven materials like polypropylene, which are lightweight, breathable, and offer limited protection against liquids and particulates.


The use of disposable coveralls at crime scenes is crucial for maintaining the chain of custody and ensuring the validity of the evidence collected. Contamination from external sources can compromise the integrity of the evidence, making it inadmissible in court. By wearing coveralls that are only used once and then disposed of properly, investigators can minimize the risk of introducing foreign DNA, fibers, or other contaminants to the crime scene.


Disposable coveralls also aid in the preservation of trace evidence such as hair, fibers, and fingerprints. These coveralls help prevent the transfer of these delicate pieces of evidence onto the investigator’s clothing, reducing the chances of losing or contaminating crucial forensic evidence.


Furthermore, disposable coveralls are cost-effective and convenient for forensic teams. They eliminate the need for laundering and decontamination of reusable garments, saving time and resources. Additionally, they are readily available in various sizes and styles to accommodate different body types and preferences.


In conclusion

The use of disposable coveralls is a standard practice in forensic investigations at crime scenes due to their role in preventing cross-contamination, protecting investigators, preserving evidence integrity, and ensuring the credibility of the investigative process. By incorporating disposable coveralls into their protocols, forensic teams can enhance the quality and reliability of their findings while prioritizing the safety of all personnel involved in the investigation.






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