Nylon Arson Residue Bags-TAB0113


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Nylon Arson Residue Bags-TAB0113

Nylon Bags are manufactured from the highest quality nylon 11 film.

The Nylon is a laboratory grade Rilson transparent film , for chromatographic graph analysis.

Did you know that Nylon Bags are made from caster bean oil and don’t contain any petrochemical that could interfere with forensic testing procedures? It’s a great eco-friendly option that also helps maintain the integrity of forensic evidence.

Manufactured under ISO standards, our nylon bags are the best.

Nylon Arson / Explosive / Firearm Bags – TAB0113


Dimensions: 600mm x 900mm
10 per pack


When investigators collect evidence related to fire and explosions, they often choose Nylon Arson Residue Bags over polyethylene bags. This is because Nylon 11 bags offer specific properties and benefits that suit the handling of such sensitive evidence. Let me explain why investigators prefer Nylon bags for this purpose.


  1. Heat Resistance: Nylon 11 bags have a higher resistance to heat compared to polyethylene bags. This property is particularly important when collecting evidence from fire scenes or explosive incidents, where there may be residual heat that could potentially affect the integrity of the evidence.


  1. Resistance to Chemicals: Nylon 11 has good resistance to various chemicals, which is important when collecting evidence from fire and explosive scenes where there may be residues of accelerants or other substances that could potentially interact with the bag material.


  1. Nylon 11 exhibits exceptional strength and durability, enabling it to resist tearing or puncturing during the collection and transportation of evidence. This is vital for upholding the integrity of the evidence.


  1. Low Static Charge: Nylon 11 has a lower tendency to generate static electricity compared to polyethylene, which can be important for handling explosive evidence, as static electricity can potentially pose a risk in such situations.


  1. Moisture Resistance: Nylon 11 bags offer good resistance to moisture and can help protect evidence from environmental factors, which is important for preserving the integrity of fire and explosive residues.


  1. Non-Porous Nature: Nylon 11 bags are non-porous, which helps prevent the loss of volatile residues from fire and explosive evidence, ensuring that the evidence remains intact during transportation and storage.


When collecting evidence, it is essential to actively select suitable materials, such as bags, based on the specific requirements of the evidence and potential interactions with the collection. material. In the case of fire and explosive evidence, the properties of nylon 11 make it a more suitable choice for preserving the integrity of the evidence compared to polyethylene bags.


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