Snow Print Wax Foot/Tire Impressions – TFL0106


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For footwear impressions or tire tracks in the snow, it is recommended that prior to casting with dental stone, Snow Print Wax be sprayed into the impression.

Snow Print Wax holds the details of the impression.

Because the substance is waxy, it insulates the snow and prevents loss of footwear or fire track detail from the exothermic (heat producing) reaction of the hardening dental stone casting material.

The process is easy, spray a few layers of Snow Print Wax in the impression in the snow, allowing each layer to dry for just a moment before adding another one.

Make sure the whole footwear impression is completely covered with a moderate layer of Snow Print Wax.

Gently pour the prepared dental stone impression material onto the Snow Print Wax and allow it to harden. Perform the procedures of mixing, pouring and marking the dental stone as you normally would.


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