Xantropren Tool L Impression Paste – TIM0107



The Optosil/Xantopren range allows precise reproduction and is available in three different versions to meet the different demands of the professional. Xantopren L blue is a low viscosity condensation cure silicone (L = low viscosity) for double impression, double mix and sandwich techniques.

Characteristics of Xantopren L Blue:

  • Dynamic fluency.
  • Excellent thixotropy that prevents overflow.
  • Perfect reproduction of details.
  • Fluid consistency.
  • Dual-mixing technique (with Optosil Comfort or P plus).
  • Sandwich printing (with Optosil Comfort).
  • Double-mixing technique (with Xanthoprene H).
  • Mixing time: 30 sec.
  • Maximum working time: 1.30 min.
  • Min. time in mouth: 4 min.
  • Contents: 1 tube of 140 ml.


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