Black-Ruby Fluorescent Fingerprint Powder


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Black-Ruby Fluorescent Fingerprint Powder 30 Gram

Gem Powders are our newest magnetic fluorescent powders.

Black Ruby and Black Emerald appear to be simple black magnetic powders.

Gem powders also fluoresce just as our red and green fluorescent powders do. You can use these Gem Powders as regular black magnetic powders, but you also have the choice of fluorescing them.

Having the same wide range of sensitivity as Red Fluorescent Powder, Black Ruby is an excellent primary-use magnetic powder for the examination of latent prints using portable lasers, Forensic Light Sources and ultra-violet light sources.

Because of its nature,  Black Ruby Magnetic Powder is excellent as either a standard black dusting powder or a fluorescent latent print powder.

Lift like any standard latent powder, but when the surface is too rough to lift the print, simply use your Forensic Light Source or laser to fluorescent the powder and photograph it. Black Ruby magnetic powder is very sensitive to 570-590mm wavelength light when viewed through a red filter.

Here are a few reasons why fluorescent fingerprint powder is well-suited for specific materials:


  1. Fluorescent fingerprint powder offers versatility, as it can effectively lift prints from a wide range of surfaces, including non-porous materials like glass, metal, and plastic, as well as semi-porous surfaces such as paper and cardboard.. Its ability to adhere to various materials makes it a valuable tool for forensic investigators.


  1. Visibility under different lighting conditions: One of the key advantages of fluorescent fingerprint powder is its ability to fluoresce under specific wavelengths of light, such as ultraviolet (UV) or blue light. This property makes it especially useful for materials where traditional fingerprint powders may not provide sufficient contrast or visibility. Using an appropriate light source and fluorescent powder, it is easy to detect and photograph latent fingerprints, even on challenging surfaces.


  1. Contrast enhancement: Fluorescent fingerprint powder can enhance the contrast between the fingerprint and the underlying surface, making it easier for forensic experts to capture detailed images and analyze the ridge patterns. This is particularly beneficial when working with materials that have complex textures or patterns, as the fluorescent powder can make the fingerprint stand out more clearly.


  1. Minimization of background interference: In some cases, traditional fingerprint powders may leave a residue on the background surface, making it difficult to differentiate between the fingerprint and the surrounding area. Fluorescent powders, however, can minimize this issue by selectively adhering to the oils and residues left behind by the friction ridge skin, reducing the potential for background interference and improving the overall clarity of the fingerprint.




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