Jessica Full Body – CBS0110



This lifelike anatomical female body is made of polyfoam rubber and has a higher level of detail than the budget body. Jessica is roughly 5 foot six and weighs 25 lbs. flexible armature in the arms for posing. Dapper Cadaver is the manufacturer and sole source of the Anatomical Jessica Bodies, as well as a variety of related simulation bodies and body parts. Our bodies are distinct from other manufacturer’s bodies in that they are life cast, and so are incredibly realistic in appearance from major structures such as musculature down to minute details such as finger prints and skin pores. Our bodies are specifically designed to appear as a convincing dead human being, with or without injury, as opposed to a mannequin-style human. Because of this our bodies are used in training simulations as well as movies and television shows whenever a real corpse is meant to be seen. Our bodies are durable and light weight, averaging 20-30 lbs per body, and the arms are poseable. This makes costuming, transportation, and set up extremely efficient.

Phrase for all bodies:

Customisation available on all bodies which can include any of the following: Skin tone, tattoos, scars, tan lines, injuries, burns, maggots, impaled foreign objects

Please contact us for any custom requirements.

Normal lead time 4-6 weeks

Discounts available on multiple body orders



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