Car Keyless Entry Fob Guard Signal Blocker – RFB0126



Faraday bags ensure that the devices are protected against external influences and prevent:

  • Clear the date – Loss of critical data in a case or court.
  • Detecting the device – that could put investigators in danger.
  • Listen – by remote control of the microphone and / or the camera.
  • Enables officers to have instant and secure access to data on a device.

Who uses Faraday Bags?

Military and government agencies use Faraday bags to prevent unwanted applications from being remotely accessed or data changed after equipment has been seized.

Size H 20 X W15.5 cm

Wide Shielding Specifications

800 MHz: 102dB, 99 dB, 1.8 MHz: 96 dB, 2.1 MHz: 96 dB, 2.45 MHz: 95 dB, 2.6 MHz: 95 dB, 302 – 3.8 GHz: 90 dB


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