Crime Scene Impression Material, Green – TIM0113



Criminals often need to force entry when committing crimes.

Many different tools are used for this task, all usually leaving behind some indication of their use. Usually in the form of distinguishing marks.

Tetra Scene of Crime have developed a silicon based impression material to capture and replicate the fine detail and unique characteristics from tool impression, fingerprints and ballistics.

As most impression materials are manufactured for the industrial engineering sector and supplied in a range of colours and viscosities which, although capture and replicate, they do not retrieve all striation and imperfections vital to forensic comparison techniques .

If the colour of the impression is too dark or light, the impression may require additional laboratory treatment to enable suitable visual comparison.

CSI is a fast curing forensic silicone impression material.

What’s included: 2 x Ultra Light + 12 Mixing Tips
Colour: Green


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