Rechargeable Head Torch – 800 Lumens – TSE0101


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HT800 Rechargeable Proximity Distance Dimming LED Head Torch, 800 Lumens.

 Our newest head torch model, the super bright HT800RX is a powerful rechargeable LED head torch for a variety of uses. The HT800RX uses advanced reactive proximity distance dimming, which automatically adjusts from spot (long distance) to flood (close up) beam according to its surroundings. The HT800RX can be recharged directly into the torch, or a spare rechargeable battery can be purchased and charged directly in your car or from your computer.

 The three-point adjustable strap suits a variety of users, and the light head is 90° rotational for the perfect light angle. The HT800RX has a battery status and charging indicator, and the safety lock prevents the torch from switching on and running the battery dry when transported or stored.

Light modes:  High | Flood High | Flood Low | Spot High | Spot Low



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