Tamper Evidence Bags N01-Small


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“Our Tamper Evidence Bags N01-Small feature a high-security sealing system and sequential numbering to ensure maximum safety.”

Our Tamper Bags have become one of the most popular ways to seal evidence. Each bag is manufacture from clear extrude film for optimum visibility of enclosed evidence.

Unlike other brands of tamper bags, we have added an integrated information area which is above the packing pouch, which allows you to write out information without damage to the evidence or worry of piercing the bag.

The Security Seal will read “void/fraud” if tampered with.”Using chemicals to break the seal will cause it to change color.”

Tamper Evidence Bags-Small 135mm x 335mm + 145mm Header

Sold in Packs of 100

Note :

Tamper-evident polyethylene bags actively show if someone has opened them or tampered with them. The continuity of tamper evidence in these bags is important for security and integrity in various industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, retail, and banking. Here are some methods and features that contribute to the continuity of tamper evidence in polyethylene bags:


Tamper-Evident Features: Tamper-evident polyethylene bags often include features such as security seals, tamper-evident tape, or tamper-evident closures.Please note that these features actively indicate visible signs of tampering, such as a broken seal or mismatched closure.


Sequential Numbering: Many tamper-evident bags are sequentially numbered for tracking and accountability. This allows for easy verification of the bag’s integrity by comparing the numbering on the bag with records.

Strong and Resilient Material: The polyethylene material used in these bags is often durable and tear-resistant, making it difficult for unauthorized access without leaving visible signs of tampering.

Chain of Custody: In some applications, tamper-evident bags are used as part of a documented chain of custody process. This involves careful documentation of the handling and transfer of the bag from one party to another, ensuring accountability and security.


It’s important to note that the effectiveness of tamper-evident polyethylene bags depends on proper usage and handling procedures. Regular training and awareness among personnel who handle these bags are essential to maintain the continuity of tamper evidence. Additionally, periodic checks and audits can help ensure that the tamper-evident features are functioning as intended.


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