Battlefield Forensics Full Field Kit- BFF0106


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Battlefield Forensic compact filed kits come complete with a wide range of equipment for most crime scenes.
Evidence packaging. DNA collection. Fingerprint inking systems. Latent Print . Photography.

Evidence packaging.
Small 130x314mm Tamper evidence Bags x 50
Medium (A4) 225x310mm Tamper evidence Bags x 50
Large 310x480mm Tamper evidence Bags x 20
Evidence Paper Window Sack 355x517mm x 10
Evidence Paper Window Sack 430x710mm x 10
Telescopic Weapon Tube 45- 200 X 2
Brown Exhibit Tags x 20
Staedtler Black Pen Super Fine Tip Marking Pen x 2
Ball Point Pen x 5
Woodwork Pencil x 2
Evidence bag sealing tape 50 mm x 2
Tuff Scissors x 2

Latent Print
Black magic powder 15 gram x 2
Black magnetic powder 15 gram x 2
Zetra fibre Glass fingerprint brush x 2
Magnetic fingerprint brush x 2
Eezie tab fingerprint lifters 2 x 100
Black and white latent backing cards x 50 each
Magnifier x 2

Fingerprint Inking
Record cards x 50
Inking pad x 1
Cadaver Spoon x 1
Wipes x 10

DNA Collection
Swabs x 50
FTA cards x 25
Scalpel x 10

Ricoh WG-6 Digital Camera or Equivalent SD card x 1
Photo Scales L x 2
Photo Scales Large x 2
Photo Scales White x 20

Nitrile Gloves x 2 x 50 pairs

1000 lumen Torch x 1
Blue UV torch 365 nm x 1
Head Torch multi zoom tech x 1


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