Electrostatic Shoe Mark Lift Kit – BIG0104



Electrostatic Dust Print Lifter consists of a high voltage power supply/control unit, a nickel-plated steel ground plane and a metalized lifting film. Older electrostatic models required the use of two lifting mats—one positively charged and one negatively charged. Our latest electrostatic lifter uses only one metalized plastic sheet and a metal ground plate. As high voltage is applied to the lifting mat, it takes on a negative charge and the ground plate becomes positive. Any dust present under the mat will take on a positive charge and will then be attracted to the negatively charged collection mat. A dust print that is transferred to the lifting mat will appear as a precise mirror image of the original print and lifts made from rough-surfaced floor tile or irregular flooring of any kind are facilitated using this method.


Electrostatic Dustprint Lifter
Grounding Plate
Lifting Film, 100′ x 12″
Plastic Case


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