Gelatine Shoeprint Lifters-FGL0117


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Gelatine Shoeprint Lifters-FGL0117

Shoe Print Gelatine Lifters Black 18cm x 36cm

For recovery of shoeprints and trace evidence from grained surfaces such as computers, antique furniture and tables. The rubber gel lifter material has low adhesive release properties which confirms into the surface area to lift evidence.

Dimensions: 18 x 36cm
10 Per Pack – Acetate backed

Gelatine Shoeprint Lifters-FGL0117

Gelatine Finger and Shoe Print Lifters: Enhancing Crime Scene Investigation

In the realm of forensic science, the recovery of latent evidence from crime scenes plays a pivotal role in solving criminal cases. Among the various tools and techniques employed by forensic investigators, gelatine finger and shoe print lifters have emerged as a versatile and effective method for preserving and analyzing crucial evidence.

Gelatine finger and shoe print lifters are specialized tools designed to lift and preserve latent fingerprints and shoe prints from various surfaces at crime scenes. These lifters are made of a flexible gelatine material that molds easily to the contours of the prints, ensuring a high-quality lift without damaging the evidence. Unlike traditional methods that often involve cumbersome processes and the risk of smudging or distorting the prints, gelatine lifters offer a unique flexibility that allows for precise and reliable recovery of crucial evidence.

One of the key advantages of gelatine finger and shoe print lifters is their ability to capture detailed impressions of even the most delicate and intricate prints. The flexibility of the gelatine material enables the lifters to conform to the shape and texture of the prints, resulting in clear and accurate replicas that can be analyzed by forensic experts with precision. This level of detail is essential in linking suspects to crime scenes and providing valuable leads for investigations.

Moreover, gelatine finger and shoe print lifters are easy to use and non-destructive, making them ideal for collecting evidence in a wide range of environments and surfaces. Whether the prints are found on glass, metal, or textured surfaces, these lifters can effectively capture the evidence without compromising its integrity.

In conclusion, gelatine finger and shoe print lifters represent a valuable asset in the toolkit of forensic investigators, offering a unique flexibility to recover latent evidence from crime scenes with accuracy and reliability. By harnessing the capabilities of these innovative tools, forensic experts can enhance their ability to solve crimes.


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